19 – 22 March 2020

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OS1 Presentation aids, moderation, conference, meeting   
OS2 Organisational aids, calenders, notebooks   
OS3 Mailing adhesives, stamping   
OS4 Office furnishings, office equipment, office furniture   
OS5 Writing utensils, drawing utensils ( not school articles)   
OS6 Office paper   
OS7 Printers, copiers, multimedia,accessories, OEM-supplies   
OS8 Covering,bookbinding materials   
OS9 Business luggage, briefcases,small leather goods   
OS10 Promotional articles   
OS11 Full-range suppliers   
OS12 Licences, designs for office supplies   
PS1 Remanufacturing of printer supplies   
PS2 Components for printer & computer supplies   
SS1 Stationery gift articles   
SS2 Gift wrapping ribbons   
SS3 Greeting cards, invitation cards, displays   
SS4 Napkins, table decoration, party articles   
SS5 Licences, designs for sationery supplies   
SC1 School bags, pencil cases   
SC2 Exercise books, blocks, folders   
SC3 Writing utensils, drwaing materials, pencils   
SC4 Licences, design for school articles   
CF1 Learning materials   
CF2 Digital teaching aids and learning aids   
CF3 Hardware, presentation technology   
CF4 Furnishing and equipping teaching facilities   
CM1 Artist's requisites   
CM2 Calligraphy   
PA1 Association   
PA2 Publisher - name of publication   
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PW 501 Invitation from Organiser 
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PW 503 Advertisement in trade magazine 
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PW 506 Personal visit by promotion executive 
PW 507 Internet Search 
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PW 510 Social media 
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